Arthur & Gwen

Prince Arthur Pendragon…[select]
- all you need to know about Arthur Pendragon

Handmaiden Guinevere…[select]
- all you need to know about the handmaiden and future Queen Guineviere

Shipping moments

Season 01…[select]
- the very full beginning of their relationship

Season 02…[select]
- feelings are beginning to blossom

Season 03…[coming soon]
- the ship is shy but still there


Bradley James…[select]
- what Bradley thinks of Arthur and Gwen’s burning romance

Angel Coulby…[select]
- come and read what Angel has to say about the Arthur & Gwen relationship

Articles on Arwen relationship…[select]
-Read what other people had to say about the growing romance between Arthur(Bradley) and Gwen(Angel)